RSS, What’s This?

Perhaps you are new to Friday Fragments and to blogs in general, and are wondering what the RSS icon means?

To answer that questions, Friday Fragments offers this easy to understand web resource provided by our friends at WebSmart TV called “What is RSS?

If you click on the orange RSS icon, you will be able to subscribe to our RSS feed which is located at Whenever Dan posts a new entry on this website, you are automatically updated with that new content in your RSS reader software. RSS reader software is free and comes in many shapes and sizes. The more recent versions of Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and other email programs are now able to also double as RSS readers. Most smartphones also have RSS reader apps available. You can also use web based services such as Google Reader.

The beauty about RSS is that you control your access to this published information. No one at Friday Fragments even know if you are subscribed or not. It’s totally in your control and anonymous. As long as you stay subscribed, you will keep receiving the weekly blog posts. If you want to stop, you simply unsubscribe from the RSS feed.

If you are currently subscribed to the Friday Fragments YFC PHList, we encourage you to consider subscribing to our RSS feed instead.