78% – Then Jesus

by DanWolgemuth on October 4, 2013

Several years ago I downloaded a great iPhone app that was written by my good friend, James H. Price.  The app is simply and descriptively titled, “ReadingPlan.”  The intended purpose is to create a strategy for reading through various biblical passages in some orderly and defined way.  It’s been a fantastic tool for me – in both “read through the Bible,” and for special Advent and Easter reading plans. 

This is such an appropriate application for Jim to have written, since his personal journey to Jesus was through the winsome and authentic pathway of biblical reading.  Simply – Jim started reading the Bible – front to back, and the Spirit of God invaded his soul. 

This year I’m using the RBL Chronological reading plan. 

Jim’s great application shows the progress through each book of the Bible, as well as an overall percentage complete.  Today, I’ve completed 78% of the Bible.  It’s October after all, so this seems logical and appropriate.  But what’s awesome about this percentage is that today… by name, Jesus, in the flesh enters the story.  Today, in the last quarter of the year, and in the last quarter of the entire biblical narrative, the introduction to Jesus takes place. 

I’m ready.  Oh, am I ready.  Not because the first three quarters of the biblical account are boring or superfluous – but because they’re not.  By the time the final pages of the Old Testament close… the cries for mercy, and hope, and grace have reached a profound crescendo. 

The first three acts of the biblical account are raw, and messy, and confusing, and difficult, and desperate, and loaded… with evil and justice and incredible glimpses into the holiness of God and the depth of His love and mercy.  But God had a plan. 

The first three quarters of the Bible aren’t a glossy sales brochure for the coming of the Messiah.  No, they’re an eight-hundred-page diary.  Nothing omitted.  Nothing edited out.  Nothing glossed over.  No political polish added. 

Rescuing the human race was dirty work.  Rescuing the human race is dirty work.

78% of the way through the Bible I’m desperate for a Savior.  Eight hundred pages have pointed in His direction; they have beaconed and called and wept for Him… but the official introduction was pending. 

In view of the unvarnished truth in the first 39 books of the Bible, I find no place to hide.  To quote page 553 of The Book… “there is nothing new under the sun.”  Nothing.  Eight hundred pages prove it.

Is it any wonder that the angels exploded in song… “Glory to God in the highest!”

“Peace on earth” now had a name.  Immanuel.  God with us. 

Redeemed.  Transformed.  Liberated and forgiven. 

Unmistakably messy.  Really messy.  78% messy.

Then Jesus.  Always Jesus.  Only Jesus.  Even in the 78%; in fact, always in the 100%.

Thank you, Jesus, for entering this mess.  Today you used an iPhone app to remind me.

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Deborah Caudle October 4, 2013 at 8:56 AM

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