A Fastball

by DanWolgemuth on August 22, 2008

It was an early ride for Mary and me. We love throwing on our biking gear and heading toward downtown Denver. This morning the miles melted away like a popsicle on a blistering hot day. My mind raced, and my legs barely noticed that I was exercising.

Thirteen miles after I had mounted my trusty bike I was at the halfway point; a park, Confluence Park. It’s the place where the Cherry Creek and the South Platte River intersect. I’ve ridden to this destination and back many, many times; but this morning, it seemed different. I worked to arrest the thoughts that flashed across my brain; the mix of emotions, deadlines, questions, delight, worry, uncertainty, fear, doubt, celebration and expectation.

Life comes at us like a fastball from the best pitcher in the league. And in an instant I have to process and produce.

Confluence Park, my confluence park, a whitewater mixture that produces an ideal platform for the Prince of Peace to navigate. It was right there, right where I stopped my bike and looked, right where my mind had been racing for 13 miles, that I came to realize the richness of God’s love and care.

On Saturday, the 30th of August, I will walk my only daughter down a lovely aisle at the Cherry Hills Community Chapel. I will look into her eyes and I will see my own soul. She’s beautiful, talented and ready for this step in her life. She’s chosen well and together she and Chris are as prepared as they need to be to face their own confluence, their own fastballs.

I will not whine about how quickly this has happened, the clock has never cheated me, but I will announce, from the place of confluence, the place where family, faith, ministry, vision, dreams, hopes and plans intersect, that God is more visible, He is more powerful, He is more tender than I have ever known Him to be.

For an instant at Confluence Park, time stood still, and I saw the beauty of the Father’s love as never before.

In the whitewater, at the place where the Cherry Creek and the South Platte River meet, God is very much God.

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