Be Strong and Courageous

by DanWolgemuth on July 18, 2014

(As Dan is away from the office, please enjoy this classic Fragment.)

That’s right Joshua. The baton is now in your hand. The Promised Land is in front of you and the emergency brake has been released. The expansive resources of this land are now available… to you and to my people.

That’s right Joshua. You’re my guy. I want you to step out, to march into uncertainty with the confidence that “every place” is yours. It’s yours because it’s mine. The fire that I ignited in your soul when you scouted the land can now be fanned into a blaze. Move forward. Occupy the land. No dream is too big. No territory too untamed.

No man: not a giant, not a political leader, not a military power will defeat you. I’m here: not just for tomorrow or the next day, but for all of the days of your life.

Camp on my Word. Set your heart, your mind, and your soul on the things that I’ve communicated to you. Don’t just use it as a reference book, but as a guide for life.

God’s purpose and promises have not changed; that baton is now ours. It’s time to occupy the promises of God. It’s time to cross the river of doubt and take possession of what He has already given to us.

The Lord our God is strong and mighty. He has not lost His power to do more than you could ask or imagine.

God is stirring, now as then. Be strong and courageous.

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