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by DanWolgemuth on April 1, 2022

Have you noticed? Nearly every newscast starts with some variation on this “Breaking News” theme. Do you remember when “Breaking News” meant… well, breaking news?

In an atmosphere that is cluttered with stories, and headlines, and Tweets, and Posts, and Podcasts, something has to push to the front of the line. “Breaking News” is that obnoxious line cutter.

And in some ways, and at various times, I’ve taken the bait. And this week, as the hook was being set, a far less rude voice broke through. A gentle whisper in fact.

It is life altering to properly understand and calibrate what has the power and authority to push to the forefront of my mind… and it’s vital that I consider this in context. Yes, against the backdrop of a larger and more urgent narrative. This gives me perspective. And in proper context, this brings hope.

Context keeps us steady in the storm. Assured during times of uncertainty.

And yes, at peace. Even today. Perhaps, especially today.

Are you ready for it?

Breaking News…

The most significant week in all of human history was the week that is often referred to as Holy Week. Nearly 2000 years ago. But as relevant, as important, as history shaping today, as then.

There you have it.

If Jesus hung on a cross as the sacrifice for my sin. If Jesus was buried in the ground. If Jesus miraculously walked away from the tomb He had been buried in… then all of history pivots at that moment in time. All of it.

This news, and my belief or disbelief in this cosmic “Breaking News” is the foundation on which I build my entire life. This is the news that changes everything.

Not for a moment, or a season, or a generation, but for all eternity.

Breaking News.

Sinners. The guilty. Justified, by faith. Forgiven, by grace.

News without this context tosses us about like waves on a chaotic sea. It fits the narrative that every day brings “Breaking News”. Unsettling. Unnerving. Disruptive. Disturbing.

But… if Jesus. If a divinely conceived baby. If a perfect, sinless, flawless life. If a righteous sacrifice. If a death-defying resurrection…

Then, everything… absolutely everything changes.

Either the ultimate fake news, or the most significant event in human history. Period.

If Jesus.

Then no other news is breaking news. None.

Either my life twists on the headlines, or my anchored soul leans into the gusts of uncertainty with compassion and grace and hope and confidence.

Holy Week. Rest. In Jesus. Through Jesus. Worship. Celebration.

Break the cycle.

Jesus. Is. Risen.

The week that changes everything. Forever.

This, my friends is Breaking News.

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