Dear Hervey….

by DanWolgemuth on April 16, 2012

Dear Hervey,

Just typing your name makes me smile. Your life has been a blessing to me – and quite frankly, I stand with a very large crowd of those blessed by you.

When I reflect on your winsome and joy-filled life I am drawn to the God the you adore and serve. Drawn to the hope that has moved and stirred you. To the hope that has connected you to the “least of these.” To the hope that has made you and Carolinn inseparable in calling, in purpose, in passion and in power.

I have watched the two of you laugh together, cry together, share together, embrace together, and love together.

Hervey – there are a raw few that can inspire others by the glow of their soul, by the smile on their face, by the joy in their countenance – but you, dear friend, are all of that.

So now Hervey, rest assured that what you have inspired is deeply rooted. What you have believed is widely embraced. What you have sacrificed for is jointly carried. Rest assured that thousands will thank Jesus for their eternal destiny because of your earthy commitment and direction. Rest assured that your love is now our love.

Rest assured that our mission is moving because your heart propelled us. Rest assured that we honor and respect you.

Rest assured, even as you now rest in the arms of Jesus.

We will miss you, Hervey.

Rest assured.

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MJ April 17, 2012 at 8:05 PM

Well said, friend.


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