Family Resemblance

by DanWolgemuth on November 23, 2009

Wednesday evening, after a day of driving and flying, I arrived at home.

My payoff for several days of non-stop activities was waiting… my family, including all three of our grandchildren. The evening afforded me the opportunity to hold our newest granddaughter. Davey Elizabeth Wolgemuth is a 7 pound work of art born on November 9th. She is beautiful in every way.

On Wednesday night Davey slept in my arms.

I peered into her tiny face, doing my best to interpret her varied expressions, all the while captivated by her.

I superimposed my analysis of her features against the backdrop of what I know about her genetic makeup. I compared her to her 23-month-old sister, to her Mom and then to her Dad.

The time knit my heart to hers… even without a word. But it also propelled me to a profound and historic birth. To a young man, whose wife had just delivered their first child. As Joseph looked into the face of Jesus, I wonder what he saw. No doubt, some of the features of this infant reminded him of his precious Mary, but what of the characteristics that found no family link? Did they inspire him?

It is no wonder that Mary treasured and pondered the life of this infant: "But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart." ~ Luke 2:19

As I gazed into the face of Davey, I thought of our Savior. Our Redeemer. Our King.

Completely God, and completely man.

Was His nose like Mary's and His eyes like His Father?

And then, as is often the case, I was moved to think about the imprint of God on my life… and on yours. To ponder the fact that when I live in a place of grace, and mercy, and compassion, and tenderness, and generosity, and sacrifice, and love… it is there that I too can look like my Father. For He alone has made me a new creation, a child of His.

From the face of my granddaughter to the throne of grace… through Jesus.

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