He said, “Come.”

by DanWolgemuth on April 20, 2015

And Peter answered him, “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.” He said, “Come.” (Matthew 14:28-29a)

The advent of instructional videos has been transformational to home repair and improvement projects. I use them. I appreciate them. Actually, I love them. From my 15-year-old dryer, to my GE dishwasher, to my 2003 Subaru. Information becomes an empowering force.

Yet, as Peter asks Christ to validate his water-walking presence by changing a solo act into a duet, I’m struck by the simplicity of the reply.


What if I Googled information about repairing a broken belt on my dryer and the instructor came back and simply said, “Fix it”? I’d be appalled and paralyzed.


There was neither functional instruction nor a theological principle defined. Jesus didn’t talk about the concept of persistent faith. He didn’t talk about focus, or stride, or weight distribution… He said, “Come.”

There are many decisions in life that invite comprehensive analysis and consideration. Spreadsheets, diagrams, counseling, research… and a host of relevant information becomes important, but there are also times when this knowledge moves from center stage to collateral when Jesus says, “Come.”

Precision is no match for calling. When a discerning and hungry soul hears the voice of the Master, muscles move. Synapses snap. Adrenalin flows. A first step is taken; not because the owner’s manual has been memorized, but because the voice of the Savior said, “Come.”

Information gives way to the belief that the God who loves us said “Come.”  At that moment, obedience trumps confidence.

The best Internet search engine in the world moves into the shadows when the one-word answer of Jesus echoes into our soul.

It’s time to stop Googling.


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