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by DanWolgemuth on June 8, 2007

He’s got 48 titles listed on Amazon.com and he lives a life that illustrates why. Dr. Warren Wiersbe is an amazing man, and last weekend I met him for the first time at a Youth for Christ Alumni Fellowship event in Winona Lake, Indiana.

He was there to open the Word for us. To teach and preach. He did it twice. There was such mastery and touch in his sermons that I was completely captivated and engaged.

Sandwiched in between Warren’s sermons was a classic address by my hero and friend, Dr. Jay Kesler. Both of these men ooze the right things. Quite simply, they live what they preach. Betty and Janie, the wife of each, sit in the first two rows and validate the lives that they live. These are two extraordinary men.

So when it was my turn to step to the podium on Saturday morning, I was incredibly aware of who I am and what I’m not. Please, Jay Kesler writes the book on preaching every time he preaches, and Warren Wiersbe has done it literally.

But what astounded me is that these men weren’t there as my critic, they were there as my advocate and friend. In stoic and very appropriate terms, I felt their cheers. These two giants of the faith coaxed me along with their eyes, and propelled me to the next point on my outline with an “Amen.”

It was like nothing that I’ve ever experienced in a speaking context before. It felt like having Hank Aaron watch my Little League batting practice, but so much more, because they actually made me feel like I belonged.

In actuality, they were doing what they’ve known that the Father does for us.

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? ~ Romans 8:31

I got a morsel of what God delivers in banquet proportion. He is our advocate, the creator God, is “for us.” He’s on our side. The only one with the true credentials to be a critic, now my companion.

Heroes to advocates. God shows us the way, and we, in our own way live out this call in everyday settings in everyday ways for those who consider us as heroes.

I know, I witnessed it firsthand.

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