“I love you, too.”

by DanWolgemuth on April 5, 2019

Several days ago, when Mary stopped by Peakview Assisted Living Center to pick up Eunice, her 93-year-old Mom, she witnessed an interesting exchange between Eunice and the head of maintenance, named Pete.

Although the details of the interaction remained a mystery to Mary, what was vivid and clear was Pete’s gratitude for something that Eunice had done.

Once in our car, Mary could press in… and she did.

Earlier in the day, Eunice had been exiting the library in her building and was beginning to walk down the hallway. As she walked, she noticed Pete walking toward her. He was thoughtfully holding the hand of a woman that Eunice did not know, but who is a resident of the Memory Care portion of the facility. Memory Care is in a separate wing of her building. Eunice wasn’t sure what the circumstances of the situation were, but it was clear that Pete was compassionately serving outside the scope of his job description.

As Pete and his companion reached Eunice, the woman immediately exclaimed to Eunice, “It’s so good to see you.” Then, spontaneously she released Pete’s hand and embraced Eunice and pronounced, “I love you, Mom!”

The abruptness and unfamiliarity of the situation didn’t catch Eunice off guard at all. As though picking up the beat in a jazz quartet where improvisation is required, Eunice embraced this perfect stranger and reciprocated with, “I love you, too.”

Pete’s gratitude overflowed to Eunice.

In a moment of unplanned interaction, Eunice, at 93 took the handoff from Pete flawlessly. For only a few seconds the baton was in her hand, and she ran her leg brilliantly.

I can’t help but think that in fact Eunice did know this woman… for in her face she saw the face of Jesus. It was His beautiful and brilliant face she saw. It was His voice she heard. Which is why, when she declared her love, authenticity oozed out of every word.

“I love you, too.”

A split second. A divinely orchestrated encounter. A gift to a stranger. A gift to Pete. A very short conversation with Jesus.

I was a stranger and you welcomed me… (Matthew 25:35)

In fact, you gave me a hug, and you told me you loved me.

I’m inspired. I’m convicted. I’m compelled. For Jesus. To Jesus.

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