by DanWolgemuth on October 16, 2009

At precisely 10:45 yesterday morning, I was amazed by something that happened. It’s not particularly important what exactly amazed me… just that God, in His own, unmistakable and unpredictable way, broke through my routine and interrupted my expectations with something well beyond my ability to ask or comprehend.

God is incredible.

Unconventional. Unhurried. God.

To the extent that He does what I expect, in the timeframe that I expect it… He ceases to be God.

A burning bush. A jabbering donkey. An unexplainable rainstorm. A large and hungry fish. An infant king. A controversial life. A brutal death. Tongues of fire.

Mercy for the guilty.

Our God is astounding.

And in the middle of a scripted day… God did, what only God could do. He broke through. Arresting my spirit, assaulting my assumptions.

I will never exhaust His vast resources… never explain His infinite power… never understand His perfect timing… never extinguish His powerful love.

At 10:45…

Amazing God.

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