Making Cents of Sparrows

by DanWolgemuth on April 7, 2017

Ah, the beautiful Flicker. A bird of size, color, elegance and stature. A bird that frequents the feeders on the deck outside our kitchen window.

Like an extra guest at the breakfast table. Like an artist displaying some of their finest work.

Yet the Flicker isn’t our only feeder patron. In fact, many birds come to feast on Mary’s generous provision each day. Many birds.

Pinyon Jays, Purple Finches, House Finches, and Chickadees. Each creating their own attraction.

But our primary visitor each day is the common sparrow. These ordinary little birds are abundant. They invite no comment; they invoke no inspiration. They splash around in the seed in utter oblivion until a celebrity appears.

In the language of Jesus, a couple of them are worth about a penny. One cent.

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. (Matthew 10:29, ESV)

But just as rapidly as Jesus mentions their economic value, He discloses their placement in the hands of His Sovereign Father.

Not one of them, not a single sparrow that visits our home in Aurora, Colorado is unknown to God. Each flap of their wing, every seed that they pluck from our feeder… all of them are known to Him.

But Jesus told us this not to make us feel guilty about loving the Flicker more than the sparrow… He told us this to give us perspective on our worth and significance to “our Father.”

Feeling alone?

Feeling insignificant?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling oblivious?

Feeling lost?

Feeling trapped in the rat race?

Feeling overpowered by circumstances?

Feeling like your life is out of control?

Dealing with pain?

Dealing with a gut-wrenching diagnosis?

Convinced that what you do doesn’t matter?

Hiding in the darkness because you think you’re invisible?

Every day of your life; every step that you take; every breath that you breathe; every flap of your wings; every meal you eat… known to God.

You saw me before I was born.
Every day of my life was recorded in your book.
Every moment was laid out
before a single day had passed.
(Psalm 139:16, NLT)

But unlike a sparrow, we are an image bearer of God. Unlike a sparrow, we are considered a masterpiece. Unlike a sparrow, Jesus came to rescue us. Unlike a sparrow, the Holy Spirit lives inside of us.

Infinite worth. Unmeasurable love.

Perspective. Promise. Hope.

In the classroom of the bird feeder.

Not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. 

Not one. Not you. Not me. Not one.

Fear not.

So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a whole flock of sparrows. (Matthew 10:31, NLT)

This is where we rest. This is where we hope.

Every sparrow.

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