Now What?

by DanWolgemuth on November 9, 2012

As the evening waned and candidates delivered their respective celebration or concession speeches, a question began to surface: Now what?

For those who saw their candidates of choice pronounced as winners, the question reverberates from a position of power.  Now what?  In such situations, we’re reminded that Godliness demands what democracy may not.  You and I no doubt voted for at least a candidate or two that was elected on Tuesday, and—as followers of Jesus and as those who reverence the Creator God—we must pray that the power and might of God will constrain these public officials to honor God with their actions, their policies and their service.  A biblical agenda must trump a political ideology – even if that flies in the face of campaign promises or personal preferences or previous alliances.

And in those situations where we saw opposing candidates win, the mandate is also clear.  We must pray for these elected officials, but in doing so we must not abandon our biblical conscience.  On matters of personal preference, we must pray for wisdom and grace and understanding.  On matters of patriotic significance we must pray for humility and guidance and justice.  But in matters of biblical value and priority, we must not set aside our principles.  In doing so we should not stoke the fires of bitterness and hatred.  Here we must pray for transformation… for changed hearts… for spiritual awakening.  There is no political office that is beyond the reach of God’s power.   Minds, once fervently anchored, can be moved to change by the Spirit of God.  We must pray for nothing less.

“But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.” ~ Jeremiah 29:7 (ESV)

If we resort to praying for the failure of those we dislike then we stand in defiance to our calling as exiles.  We must pray for the welfare of the city, even as we vigilantly stand on the principles of God.  We must pray for light in the darkness, for sight in the blindness, for mercy in the sinfulness, for justice in the abuse.

The campaign is over, but for Christians the work has just begun.  We must labor on behalf of our King, for what He values and what He esteems.  And we must do so from hearts of humility and grace and compassion and courage.   As with the biblical story of Daniel, we must be prepared to serve our earthly king with the work of our hands, while we serve our ultimate King on our knees with the window open.

Arrogance in winning and revenge in losing will never create a platform for righteousness.  We must never surrender to the temptation of human bias or bigotry.  We are called to a higher standard; whether we are political winners or losers.

It may well be that this election will define us – either by the breadth of the gap created or by the ministry of reconciliation that is modeled.  It will be the church of Jesus Christ that shows the way in either scenario.   The stakes are high.…

Our obligation and opportunity are perfectly framed.  Whether winners or losers, our prayers must be for righteousness to prevail and the name of Jesus to be lifted high.

Now what?  God help us.

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