“Our God; Our Comfort”

by DanWolgemuth on March 18, 2011

“Our Father, our God of comfort and hope.

You are a treasure to the bankrupt;
A shelter for the homeless,
A family to the fatherless,
A soul mate to the lonely,
A strong tower,
A mighty fortress,
A balm.

You were before all things,
You know all things,
You transcend all things.

Power without limitation,
Present… always and everywhere,
Changeless, timeless.
Just, holy, true,
Awe inspiring… God.

Lover of the loveless.
Redeemer of the rebel.
Advocate for the silent.
Defender of the defenseless.

Sovereign King.
Pursuing… while we are yet a long way off.

With flesh in Jesus…
The lamb, the lion, our Lord.

Shepherd, gate, bread of life…

Comfort your people. Flex the compassionate arms of your church to embrace the unspeakable pain in Japan, in Libya… on the tear-stained faces of orphans and widows. Beyond the powerful reach of tyrants. Love; liberate.

In the name of Jesus… with the power of your Spirit…

May we answer your call… in our neighborhoods, and in the world you wove together.
For Jesus sake…

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