Over and Over Again

by DanWolgemuth on March 23, 2015

“Now the word of the Lord came to me, saying,” Jeremiah 1:4

With this, the book of Jeremiah begins. God, speaking to, and speaking through a reluctant but available mouthpiece.

Over and over again these words are repeated in the prophetic narrative of Jeremiah. “The word of the Lord came to me…”

Jeremiah was tuned in. Jeremiah was attentive. Jeremiah was available… and God spoke.

The word of God. Delivered with clarity, urgency, purity, justice and mercy. Over and over again.

As I highlight this reoccurring phrase, I’m prone to explore a comparative analysis in my own journey. Does the word of the Lord come to me? Am I attentive enough to hear His voice? Am I courageous enough to respond? Am I faithful enough to persevere? Have I tuned out the frequency of my King?

God forbid.

I’ve begun to believe that I should conclude each day by sitting with pen in hand and unmarked journal and complete the sentence: ”Today, the word of the Lord came to me. This is what I heard…”

It’s reminiscent of a parenting exercise where you ask your child to repeat back to you what they just heard you say. And yet, the discipline would galvanize the power of the message and the impact of the instructions.

Yes, just today, the word of the Lord came to me. I heard Him say…

Love much.

Forgive generously.

Slow down.


Don’t cut her off.


Smile at strangers.

Give more.

Smile at grumpy people.

Text him.

Bring joy.

Wipe away a tear… or two.

Thank them.

Defer to others.


Stop talking.

Trust me.

Listen some more.

Linger in thoughts of Jesus.

Love some more.

Why worry?

Pray more.

Bask in the wonder of Christ.

Love me.

Love others.

And yes… when you get to the curb at Denver International Airport… and Mary rolls up in your 2003 Subaru Outback, look in her eyes and tell her just how much you love her. Then repeat. Hug her longer than she expects.

God has not gone silent. I know. I just heard Him.

Yes indeed. The word of the Lord came to me.

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