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by DanWolgemuth on October 5, 2007

Have you ever wondered if God is ready to change his public relations firm? It just seems to me that God is taking it in the chops these days in the press. There are so many stories of people that claim to be followers of Christ who fail and fall with a nationally and locally communicated thud. The devastation to personal lives, to congregations and to communities is played out in a public forum, and many times there is a direct connection to a Christian faith and often dogmatic stances.

So I ask you, is God wringing His celestial hands wondering what to do next? Is He worried about His reputation?

In fact, there are items on His agenda that extend well beyond the sound bites of a cosmic press conference, things like justice, love, mercy, reconciliation and confession. His plan pushes into the deep mire of personal failure. He doesn’t debate about a cover-up or a carefully-crafted press release. Full disclose. Not to shame but to expose. It is the only way to keep sin from festering. God never lurks in the shadows. He doesn’t pass notes at night. He doesn’t mask His voice.

He is light, and in him is no darkness at all. ~ 1 John 1:5

So the very splash across the front page is an amazing indicator that God is God. It’s a demonstration that light always wins. That reputation is not the issue.

Our perfect, powerful God wades into the mess that mankind has made, the mess that Christ followers make, and He does so with dignity and grace. He does so with love and power. But He doesn’t lower the standard. He chases and reveals for His names sake. Yes, because He is God, even when people mock His name as a result.

So there will be no job posting on The P.R. job has been spoken for with the forgiving and sacrificial stance of Jesus. This is about the redemption of tragically broken lives, not the reputation of a sinless God. He’s not checking the poll numbers.

Justice, mercy, reconciliation, and hope. Through the disappointing headlines, the foolishness, the scandal, and the sacrilege,

“I Am Who I Am.”

That’s His press release for the ages.

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