by DanWolgemuth on March 21, 2014

Desmond is our three-year-old grandson.   His love and life are a gift to all of us.

Just last night Desmond spent the night at our house.  Over the last year he has shifted his sleeping location from a crib to a queen-sized bed in our guest room.  But in the course of this transition, one thing has not changed.  When Desmond wakes up in the morning he sits up in the bed and calls with clarity; “Emmie, ready!”  (Emmie is the beautiful name given to Mary by her grandchildren.)  He repeats this announcement until the bedroom door is opened and a good morning hug is delivered.

Make no mistake, Desmond could easily climb out of bed and wander downstairs.  Frankly, once awake, Desmond climbs nearly anything and everything, yet for some reason, he prefers to start his day with a declaration and an invitation

Frankly, I love hearing this expectant call.  Just this morning when I heard Desmond’s voice, I looked at Mary and requested that I take her place in welcoming Desmond to a new day.  She complied and Desmond extended substitutionary grace.


Is it possible that the pattern of my three-year-old grandson is the perfect pattern?  Is this pronouncement/invitation/declaration/request the way that I should be starting every day?  What if I followed Desmond’s lead?

Could it even be that my Father would delight in just such an expression of dependence and anticipation?  “Father, ready!”

Certainly my day can begin without such a declaration… most often it does.  I’m neck deep in preparation and activity and execution without so much as a tip of the hat to my King.  It’s possible that such an oversight means that I never really become ready for my day.  My feet and hands are engaged but my soul has never paused long enough to get ready.

“Be ready and keep ready, you and all your hosts that are assembled about you, and be a guard for them. (Ezekiel 38:7)

Be ready; keep ready.

Every day; as light replaces darkness – make sure that your Father knows that your heart and soul are prepared to be led by His love and direction.

Before your feet hit the ground; before your mind races; before anything; before everything… declare it with expectation and dependence.  Not only will it prepare your heart… it will delight your Father.  I know.


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