Samuel F. Wolgemuth

by DanWolgemuth on June 17, 2022

For Ruth, Sam, Ken, Robert, Debbie and Dan… he is our father. His DNA. His genes. His influence. His impact.

Our father. The six of us. Anchored to each other because of a shared father.

Yes, mine. But always, ours.

A life that connected us. A legacy to steward, to leverage, to remember, to learn from.

Siblings connected. A father in common.

That’s why the language of Jesus in Matthew 6 is so important. In the classroom of prayer…  Jesus says, “Our Father…”


Plural pronoun.

The language of community. Of family.


Yes, mine. But always, ours.


A shared legacy. An inheritance.

A name to steward.


Unflawed. Unselfish. Unencumbered. God… with a large family.

Jesus, with the same entrance ramp in prayer as mine. Father.


Father’s Day 2022. Against the backdrop of brokenness and isolation and alienation, Jesus tells me that I am not alone. Never.

Family. With a shared father. With shared responsibility. With equal rights and authority.

Personal, but never private.

A drop of water in a cloud of witnesses. Ours. Together.

We have a father. The best father.

Compassionate King.

Eternal and present.

Tender and triumphant.

Just and justifier.

It is the first two words of the Lord’s Prayer that say it all. That changes it all. That distinguishes it all. That establishes it all. That empowers it all.

Our Father. With siblings in every nation, every tribe, every language, every color. A family reunion awaits.

Father’s Day.

Dignity, not division.

Joint heirs with Jesus.

The plural pronoun that reminds us…

We have a Father.




No, He doesn’t need another tie. He deserves worship, adoration, unity, humility and obedience.  These are the perfect gifts for our perfect Father.

Now, more than ever. Father’s Day.

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