Status Pending

by DanWolgemuth on October 19, 2007

The balance in my checking account is radically different than I expected. A couple of days ago I transferred some of our savings in order to cover the cost of Alli’s final semester of college. But when I pulled up my account on-line, it showed the balance from the day before.

On closer inspection, I see that my deposit is shown, but with the designation “Pending” next to it. I understand the mechanical process of holding funds until the check clears, and I confess, that if I owned the bank, I would probably do the same thing, but tonight, the message seemed so cold, so skeptical, so conditional, so typical.

The collective experience of broken trust has jaded the system. It’s forced the lowest common denominator to rule. To a place where customer service has fallen into the chasm of a system that’s built for predictable inflexibility. “I will trust you when your check clears my bank.” “You can draw on your account when I’m sure that my account is safe.”

The ugly reality of a broken promise is that fences get built where open pasture existed. Walls go up across expansive landscapes. We hold promises until we’re sure we can’t get hurt, and we feel safer now. Protected. Less na

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