The Whys of Christmas – Part 4

by DanWolgemuth on December 27, 2022

To continue… Why them?

It was 1992, Barcelona, Spain, and the introduction of the “Dream Team” as the Olympic Committee allowed professional athletes to compete. It was a roster of Hall of Fame NBA athletes. Jordan, Pippen, Stockton, Malone, Magic, Bird, Ewing, Mullin, Robinson, Drexler, Laettner and Barkley.

What a list. Superstars on a combined mission.   

(Photo by Andrew D. Bemstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

The outcome… undefeated Gold Medal winners. The closest point differential was 38 points, and the Americans scored over 100 points in all of their games.

Now rewind roughly 2000 years. God sending His son. A 33-year earthly run. Leaders to shape and inspire. A world to change.

Certainly, God would do what the American’s did in 1992. A Dream Team. Influencers. Power brokers. Resourcers. The cream of the crop to surround His only begotten.

But no. Not God.

A teenager for a mom. Shepherds as a welcoming committee. A collection of unlikely apprentices as disciples. Women as witnesses. Those who denied as missionaries.

The powerless. The title-less. The homeless. The cowardly. The marginalized. The refuge. The ostracized. The silent. The sick. The desperate. The ridiculed.

Murderers. Crooks. Addicts. Cheaters. Adulterers.

A list sure to be humble, available and filled with awe at the grace of God.

A dream team? The dream team.

God’s unthwartable plans released through the lives of those without merit or status. “No resume that we should esteem them.”

But God. Rich in mercy. Changes the trajectory of the lowly in defiance of the lofty.

Indeed, God opposes the proud. He lifts up the brokenhearted and calls them His own.

Unleashed power through unremarkable people.

This is God’s modus operandi. His MO.

From the moment of His incarnation, to His ascension to glory, Jesus hand-picked misfits to be His chosen. His ambassadors. His agents of change.

People that were full of themselves had no room for Jesus. No room for a message of humility and self-denial. No room for love over hate. No room for a non-violent revolt. No room for prayer over politics. No room. Period.

Yet, this was a perfect formula for God’s dream team. A revival birthed from obscurity. Only God. Always God. Still God.

To be continued… 

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