“We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.”

by DanWolgemuth on November 2, 2015

With this credo, Horst Schulze launched a hotel chain and a corporate value system that has propelled both exemplary service and dignity in service. As an under qualified young German, Horst got exposed to the hotel service business at the most modest levels. His vision for both quality and self-esteem ignited a brand that is synonymous with extraordinary customer care and employee satisfaction.

Ritz Carlton stands at the top of the hospitality industry as the gold standard. The narrative deepens when you discover that Horst Schulze is a follower of Jesus. His identity and his value system are shaped by what he believes, not by what he can charge.

Several months ago I heard Horst speak at the Global Leadership Summit in Barrington, Illinois… then most recently he was highlighted in a book by Dr. Michael Lindsay called, “View from the Top.”

This hotel credo has become the fuel for a bonfire in my soul. I’ve been drawn to the words of Genesis 1 where God declares with joy His delight over His finest creation. His “very good” in a catalog of “good.”

People. Humans. Men and women.

His image. His creation. His finest work. His masterpiece. His poem.

With the overlay of the design of God and the tag line of Ritz Carlton I’ve begun to shape a personal credo. A declaration and a deeply convicting reality.

What I am, in light of Genesis 1, is an image bearer of God serving other image bearers of God.

No qualifiers. No narrowing parameters. No prerequisites. What God designed, Jesus affirmed.

You have heard that it was said, “You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.” But I say to you, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” ~ Matthew 5:43-44

Image carriers serving image carriers for the sake of the image dispenser.

Transcendent love.

Across political, philosophical, social, economic, racial, value and religious differences…

There is no dispute that the service staff at Ritz Carlton is at the top of the field. Dignity gives birth to sacrificial service.

I can’t help but wonder… perhaps Horst Schulze is prophetic in his vision. Perhaps he’s informed from the Garden. Perhaps his vision for hospitality is our vision for a love-starved world.

We are image bearers of God serving other image bearers of God.
We are rescued souls on a mission to rescue other souls.
We are found sheep looking for lost sheep.

Grace infused. Spirit empowered.

Humble to the core, but confident that we are endowed by our Creator. For a mission. For His mission.

Horst got it right. What if Christ followers got it right as well?

In the image… for others… to others… with others…

Ladies and gentlemen serving…

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