You Messed With the Wrong Person

by DanWolgemuth on April 1, 2016

On September 11, 2001… time stood still. Our country stopped. Planes quit flying. A hideous enemy struck with devastating force and wonderful, innocent, unsuspecting people died.

But while the metal of the World Trade Center melted into a molten pool, so too the resolve and commitment of a disconnected and fragmented people came together. A single cowardly act of terror had galvanized a nation around a common and shared enemy. Every other issue moved to the back of the stage. In a matter of an hour, the city, the state, the country, even the world locked arms to fight back, to raise a fist in righteous anger. We were united.

A few days ago, a hideous, cowardly and deadly enemy struck again. This time at a very personal level. The weapon of choice in this situation is cancer. The unsuspecting target is my friend and mentor, Roger Cross. Roger preceded me as President of Youth For Christ USA. Without Roger I wouldn’t be celebrating my 11th anniversary at YFC/USA today.

But make no mistake, this attack has mobilized an army that were previously disconnected or fragmented or distracted. This evil force has galvanized the resolve of thousands of warriors… armed with prayer, hope, and a sacred confidence in God. A sovereign and holy God. A righteous and redeeming God. The God of Roger Cross.

A shared enemy has pushed insignificant issues to the back of the stage. Hundreds and thousands of friends and family from around the globe are locking arms. The enemy has underestimated the power of God’s Spirit. The enemy has miscalculated the arsenal.

Regardless of the timeline of Roger’s life on earth, the enemy has clearly underestimated what happens when the fuse that connects to the Church of Jesus Christ is lit. A mobilized and unified body establishes a beachhead of hope that neither power of hell nor scheme of man can stand against.

In a matter of hours something extraordinary happened. The Body of Christ united. The family of faith coalesced around a common evil enemy, on behalf of an esteemed and revered brother, and an unshakeable hope. Jesus. The Savior. Our King.

The heat of the frightening diagnosis has melted the hearts of family and perfect strangers into an aggregation of unified passion and praise. Words, once dormant and unspoken, now explode on blog sites and web pages. Gratitude and shared sorrow mix with an unmovable legacy and the name of God is lifted high.

Because of Roger. Because of Jesus.

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me;

Always with us. Especially with us.

The evil one just messed with the wrong victim. He has rallied an army. He has awoken a giant.

Together we pray. Together we stand. Asking for a miracle… and living in the middle of one.

This is unity. This is powerful.

For Roger. For Jan. For Shawna and Amber and Gary…

Not in spite of cancer, but because of Hope. Arms locked. Side by side.

A force to be reckoned with.

On our knees and never more powerful.

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