Treasure and Ponder

by DanWolgemuth on May 8, 2009

But Mary treasured up all of these things and pondered them in her heart. And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen. ~ Luke 2:19

Mary, a mother, the physical intersection of God and mankind, had just journeyed through the passageway of labor and delivery. She was surrounded by unfamiliarity; by smells, sounds, textures, and people that were strange and misplaced. Her visitors were euphoric; they had been directed by celestial beings to a divinely ordained destination for a rendezvous of cosmic proportions. Their souls nearly exploded as they praised and glorified God… what else could they do?

But Mary, the tender young virgin that God hand picked to preside over His only begotten, treasured and pondered. She carefully collected the significance of the events and drew them safely into the vault of her heart. Like a chef that transforms multiple ingredients into a delicacy or a painter that converts thousands of brush strokes and numerous colors into a masterpiece, Mary treasured and pondered the collective work of God’s amazing providence.

Good mothers do that. With resolve and selflessness they sweep together the pain and the joy. They season the memories with tears and laughter. Then, they ponder. Reflecting, marveling, reveling, cultivating, exploring, and plumbing the depths of what they have just experienced.

While fathers are dialing through every number on their cell phone with the good news, while fathers are trying to fix and figure out, while fathers are romping, while fathers are calculating the cost, while fathers are anticipating and forecasting… mothers, good mothers… mothers like the mother of Jesus are treasuring and pondering. They are converting their heart to a place of worship.

Happy Mother’s Day resounds through the heavens. For Jesus, our Savior was born to a woman… yes, Jesus had a mother; who treasured and pondered, like all great mothers do. Mary needed what her heart would collect. She relied on the confidence that God gave her during the meditative times. She showed us the way… and we, not just mothers, are wise to follow. Treasure and ponder… for we will need to dip deeply into the resolve the Father brings from what happens in the depths of our heart.

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