You Are Not a Power Ranger!

by DanWolgemuth on May 1, 2009

“Tyler, you are not a Power Ranger!”

As I stood in line to board my next flight, I watched as an exasperated mother exited her flight, stroller in front of her, and two young sons behind her. She could control the direction and behavior of the stroller… but the boys were another story. In particular, Tyler. He was in full form. The two boys were nearly identical in size… but energy and intensity were another story. A quick check over her left shoulder revealed that Tyler had his brother on the ropes, and he showed no signs of letting up.

Tyler had dreams and aspirations. He knew the behavior and the reputation of a Power Ranger, and so he did his best to emulate what he could picture.

A mother, with her own hopes and dreams for the behavior of her children, made it clear what Tyler was not.

Powerful words… “You are not _____.” And so are the words on the flip side, “You are ______.”

God, our Father, understands this full well.

You are no longer aliens and strangers, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God. ~ Ephesians 2:19

You are not… a stranger, an outsider, an enemy, a foreigner to the purposes, plans and family of God.

Your dreams of belonging, your hopes for inclusion, your desire for significance are satisfied by the voice of God. Are you listening? As a follower of Christ you are a child of God. A member of the household. A saint. A citizen. Salt. Light.

The fanciful dreams of a starry-eyed child can now be replaced by the effectual declaration that we are family to the King of Kings.

Not a Power Ranger. Forever a child of God.

You are…

Members. Citizens.

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