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by DanWolgemuth on October 2, 2014

The seminar itself was not all that different from other seminars that I’ve attended from the standpoint of content or structure, but there was something wildly different about what was taking place.

Every three years the national directors of each of the Youth for Christ programs from around the world get together for a week-long time of teaching, celebration and community.  Just hours ago we concluded the meetings in Thailand.

While in a leadership seminar with my colleagues from around the globe, ideas, strategies and tactical operating models were presented.  The linguistic diversity in the room required several interpreters.

During a time of discussion, a question was raised from the back of the room.  A handful of individuals presented some feedback regarding the latest content presented.  A young woman verbalized the comments, but she was simply translating for a gentleman to her left.  In the next few moments the nationalities of both of these individuals surfaced.  The very articulate young woman was Russian… although her nearly-impeccable English almost betrayed her.  And the man that she was interpreting for was Ukrainian.

The seminar participants listened attentively and responded appropriately to the substance of her comments… but I fear that many individuals missed the powerful non-verbal statement that was being proclaimed as the words floated through the air.

It was more than civility or courtesy that paved the way for such usefulness.  It was grace and community and love.  It was the prevailing reality that heart transformation trumps political conflict and hatred.

While Russia and Ukraine battle in trustless and violent ways, the Kingdom of God transcends.

Side by side with warmth and thoughtfulness, brothers and sisters in Christ model what peace accords and ceasefire agreements can never accomplish.  Unity.  Solidarity.  Compassion.  Hope.  Forgiveness.

This is more than two individuals from adjoining states getting along in a Sunday school classroom… this is shalom in the middle of the battlefield.

An elevated mission dwarfed the symptoms of society.  Jesus had an agenda.  Oneness.  Love.

What bombs and airplanes and weapons cannot accomplish, the Spirit of God can.  The schemes of the enemy are straightforward – division.  By contrast, the mark of the Kingdom is unity.

By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. ~ John 13:35

In a hotel conference room just outside of Bangkok, I witnessed what the United Nations can never produce.  I witnessed Jesus at work.

Side by side for the King.  No other agenda.  No other hope.

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