Cosmic Guards

by DanWolgemuth on June 10, 2022

It was April 22nd, 2020 when Mary’s Mom, Eunice Cargo, moved in with us. The isolation of COVID, and the uncertainty of her health had prompted the relocation. We welcomed her without the certainty of knowing the duration of her stay, but with confidence that this was the right pathway for us.

What we didn’t expect was that over the next seven weeks, Eunice would quietly and willfully release herself into the arms of Jesus. Her death certificate may read otherwise, but we lived with the daily reality that she slowly loosened her grip on the life that she had known for 95 years, for the promise of her life to come.

On June 7th, 2020, we spent time in the little living area in our lower level that we had setup for Eunice. She was weak, but beautiful. She wore a transcendent peace, like a queen wears a crown. Her body was failing, but without pain. This allowed her to experience life without the need for medication, and consequently with a clear, sharp and reflective mind.

In complete unison, Mary and I knew that on this particular night we needed to unfold our sofa-bed and sleep just 15 feet away from Eunice’s bed.

Shortly after midnight, now June 8th, Eunice called for Mary. Her voice was weak, but firm.

Mary moved quickly to the edge of her bed, hastily positioning Eunice’s Cochlear hearing device around her ear so that communication would be possible.

Mary’s calm and reassuring presence was greeted with a question from Eunice.

“Are there four chairs by my bed? One at each corner?”

“No, Mom”, Mary assured her. “Just the one I’m sitting on. Why do you ask?”

With the confidence of her character as a platform, Eunice answered. “Well, there were four men here. One at each corner of the bed.” 

The statement hung in the air. Poignantly. Pregnant with mystery and significance.

“They said they were here to protect me.”

For we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

Protectors. Guardians. Ushers through the cosmic mayhem into the glorious presence of Christ. The King.

The moment was sacred. Every moment for the next two hours was sacred.

At times we sensed the intensity of the battle… at other times, we felt enveloped into the presence of Christ. With Eunice. Through Eunice.

Then her last. A breath, then silence.

Her protectors had done their job. She was home. She was free. She was more alive than ever.

Her beloved Don awaited her.

Mary and I held each other. In awe.

We felt as though we had been uninvited guests in a ceremony that had been arranged before the foundation of the earth.

We marveled. We processed. We cried. We laughed.

And now, we remember, even as we continue to reflect, and grieve.

Four guards. Protectors.

The battle is real.

Yet, our King is stronger still. He will not lose any that He came to save.

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