Made for An Oprah Interview

by DanWolgemuth on January 18, 2013

There is a story told in Genesis 39 that is fit for the Oprah Network.  Lies.  Sensuality.  Injustice.

Joseph, a Godly and good leader in Egypt; arguably the comeback player of the year… of the years, now successful, trusted, responsible – and yes, attractive to the wife of Potiphar.  Plain and simple, Joseph was handsome.  I’m quite convinced that he didn’t flaunt or abuse his charm or good looks; he was just all of that, and a reliable employee to boot.

As has been the case with Joseph in the past, a jacket proved large in his story.  While we don’t know much about the one left behind in this story in Genesis 39, we do know that a Broadway musical was made out of his previously-worn multi-colored wrap.

Once again, the good guy gets creamed.  Lies prove more credible than reputation, and the sound of the prison door locking behind him had to feel all too familiar.


Imagine the headlines.

I can almost picture Oprah leaning forward in her leather chair – now interviewing Joseph after his release from prison years later – “Okay Joe, you don’t mind if I call you Joe, do you?  Years ago, while you were in the spotlight you had a ‘run-in’; is it okay if I call it a run-in, with Potiphar’s wife.  You know, Joe, she’s never recanted that story, but here you are, back in the full light of power and prominence.  Is there something you’d like to share with people today?  Something that might clear your own conscience?  Something that might, in fact, boost my ratings?  Hummmmm?”

Joseph wasn’t arrogant in his innocence; he was resolute.  Injustice hadn’t changed him.  Prison hadn’t hardened him.  He was God’s – top to bottom; in power and out; eating caviar or moldy bread crusts; in the spotlight or in solitary confinement.  God’s.

Joseph had long ago surrendered the pen for the script of his life to his God.  Supreme  adversity had not forced him to attempt to take it back.  This was God’s story.  His plan.  His purpose.

“Oprah, my only responsibility, my grand purpose, my singular calling is to be faithful. While under the care of my father, while in a pit in the ground, while being purchased like a hunk of meat, while performing in key political roles, while serving time, while being propositioned by glamour and promiscuity… faithful.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.”

Truth.  The first time.  All time.  Every time.

Truth – it may mean finishing in the pack instead of on the podium.  It may mean serving time instead of sharing a momentary fling.  It’s costly, embarrassing, inconvenient, and wildly even unpopular.

Truth.  Not for Oprah… for our King, for His Kingdom.

Truth.  Not to advance… but to obey.

God give us courage to be faithful and true.

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Cortez Riley February 3, 2013 at 6:03 PM

Is there a way to share this post on facebook? If not, is there a way for you all to enable us to share these things on social media. It is a lucrative way to attract people to the Kingdom-advancing things that you all are doing. I.E. this post!!!


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