Stewards of freedom and of grace…

by DanWolgemuth on July 4, 2011

There will be thousands of parades happening this weekend across the United States. July 4 provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the gift of freedom that we enjoy in this country.

As I think about these parades, I can mentally picture the many, many veterans that will wave to crowds along a defined route. They will revel in the admiration and respect that they are given; they will smile as they are cheered, and they will expect that those who look on will honor their sacrifice and commitment by living as stewards of the gift that they have been given.

These service men and women exchanged their personal sacrifice for our freedom. They were “confined” so that we could be liberated. They battled so that we could claim victory. And yes, they have a right to expect that we would be good stewards of their sacrifice.

We are free… because men and women paid a price. We are free… because the enemies to freedom have been vanquished. We are free… to live.

And in freedom, in sacrifice, in bold confrontation of evil, in defense of the defenseless, in courage, in pain, in bloodshed… I see Jesus.

And while red, white and blue flags will fly… His “banner over me is love”… His flag that flaps in my front yard is His compelling and propelling love. I am set free to love others, to love sacrificially, to serve humbly, to confront boldly, to stand firmly, to resist courageously… because Jesus served in our place. He took on the enemy and didn’t blink. In honor to His King, in praise to His Father, in love for His bride.

Yes indeed… we honor our service men and women… for freedom… and for the picture of Jesus that we catch a glimpse of.

Liberty. Freedom. Forgiveness.

Now stewards… of freedom and of grace.

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