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by DanWolgemuth on November 24, 2006

The crush of Christmas advertising and promotion is here. After all, it is Thanksgiving! I have a suggestion, it’s really a gift idea. I’m actually suggesting that you start giving it at Thanksgiving instead of Christmas. This gift is never the wrong size, color or design. Actually, I didn’t think of it on my own… in fact, I had cosmic help.

My suggestion is this. What if our gifts to each other were words? What if my gift giving budget was liberally laced with the collection of letters that produces a collage of affirmation, gratitude and support.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to consider giving the same precious gift that God Himself gave?

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

The Bible conveys the powerful notion that at the beginning of time, God had in His possession the Word. And at just the right moment in history, He wrapped the Word in flesh and gave it to His creation. The means of communication… words… now present, human, and accessible.

God spoke, and is speaking. As A.W. Tozer puts it:

“He is, by His nature, continuously articulate.”

And I’m convinced that often His dialog is conveyed through us.  We become His mouthpiece, the instrument through which the meaning of life and love are transmitted.

What if we looked into the faces of family, friends and even acquaintances and we shared the gift.  The gift of words. We can start with “thank you…”, but postpone using the period until you’ve
elaborated on why the “thank you” exists.

I’ll practice… “Thank you for sharing your life with me.” “Thank you for sacrificing so that my life is more comfortable and joyous.” “Thank you for expecting more of me than I expect of myself.” “Thank you for not lowering your standard of behavior for me or yourself.” “Thank you for loving Jesus in front of me every day.”

Words. Birthed in your heart, but never left there. Articulated. Communicated. Validated.

Words… becoming flesh and living in the homes, offices, neighborhoods, churches, coffee shops, hallways, airplanes, juvenile halls, campuses, and any other place where relationships are planted, watered and grown.

Words… on every wish list in the world.

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