A Cause. A Flag.

by DanWolgemuth on December 7, 2007

Sixty-six years ago the world was rocked by an attack on Pearl Harbor. In fact, it prompted President Roosevelt to deliver his famous six and a half minute speech that declared that December 7, 1941 would be “a date that would live in infamy.” The desire of the President was to stir the outrage of the United States into a unified passion for response.

It worked. The act of aggression and the powerfully delivered and carefully constructed message galvanized a nation. It completely crushed the outspoken American isolationist movement. As a nation, we embraced the call and mobilized for action. We had a cause.

A cause. A place to rally. A flag to raise.

This backdrop propelled me into a meeting this morning with over eighty individuals that are involved in ministry to young people all across this country. These are staff people that sacrifice in order to live out their calling. Individually they hoist a flag that collectively connects them with thousands of others across the nation. And although many of these individuals have a Youth for Christ logo on their business card, they have a cause that transcends any and all organizational boundaries. Their cause is Christ. The beautiful, merciful, grace-filled, hope-delivering, powerful, liberating, unconditionally-loving, and transcendent Jesus. They are indeed galvanized to stand in the gap. To declare that there is an enemy to the souls of young people and adults.

The enemy, formidable as he may be, is defenseless to the weapons of our God. Armed, motivated, and inspired, this team has a cause.

Unified, resilient and passionate we stand. To serve “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40). The overlooked. The disenfranchised. The neglected. The hopeless. The powerless. The fatherless. The misguided. The terrified.

Together. A place to rally. A flag to raise. A cause. Jesus.

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